Pak seeks Western voices to champion his cause in the United States


New Delhi: Pakistan is reaching out “urgently” to retired bureaucrats, ambassadors and Western politicians so that they can create goodwill for Pakistan in those democracies, especially the United States, have revealed specific information viewed by The Sunday Guardian.

This particular action by Pakistan, sources familiar with the development of the situation, including a Western diplomat stationed in India, was made necessary in view of the criticisms it has faced and the increased control it has exercised. object from various sides following the capture of Kabul by the Taliban and subsequent events.

The fact that ISI chief Faiz Hameed traveled to Kabul for a symbolic ‘tea’ before the government was formed in Kabul, even as diplomats from other countries desperately tried to leave the troubled region, reinforced the narrative among Western observers that the Taliban were, all this time, working on the directions of Islamabad. The same view gained additional credibility after intelligence agencies in those countries found compelling evidence of technical assistance – including through satellite imagery – provided by the ISI to Taliban commanders during the takeover of the Panjshir valley by resistance fighters.

With Joe Biden’s waiver making it clear that he will move away from executing military options in the troubled Af-Pak region unless they are forced to do otherwise, Pakistani officials are concerned about the impact of the economic method of controlling the “terror” that the Biden administration will execute in the coming weeks.

The effort to recruit influential people is being done with a lot of “urgency”, with a deadline to put everything in place on October 1, which is a very crucial month for the Pakistani economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), during its annual program from October 11 to 17, will decide whether or not to extend new monetary aid to Pakistan. On October 13, a billion dollar Eurobond (a type of debt instrument) that Pakistan must repay matures, for which it is working to issue another bond. Above all, a meeting of the FATF is scheduled for mid-October, during which the financial institution will decide whether or not to move Pakistan to the white list of the gray list.

Sources said Pakistan will need Biden’s full support to ensure the IMF helps him. A positive outcome on both of these IMF-related fronts will increase Pakistan’s credibility with Western capital market managers. The scrutiny and criticism of Pakistan’s openly and covert role in Afghanistan will increase in the coming days. And it is to deal with this that Pakistani agencies have asked its officials to draw up an exhaustive list of diplomats and politicians, especially those who are part of think tanks or who are looking for post-retirement “opportunities”. “Each of the compiled list is approached either directly by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry or through indirect methods to tie them together so that they can basically talk about two things – how Pakistan has suffered over the past 20 years while continuing to aid the United States led by NATO forces and, second, how it fell victim to a “complex” disinformation campaign launched by India for half a decade. Belief among relevant officials of the Pakistani establishment is that these two narratives will gain credibility and traction if they come from the mouth or the pen of retired Western diplomats, ambassadors and politicians, ”a senior official monitoring the situation said at the Pakistani establishment. Sunday Guardian.

It is because of these emerging developments that Pakistan is currently shopping and spending huge sums of money to build a supportive voice pool in Washington, Europe and the UK.

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