More than 1,100 Delaware State University students to receive second debt relief


More than 1,100 Delaware State University students will benefit from the second cycle of debt relief, made possible by the CARES Act, the university announced this week.

According to a press release from the university, the $ 2.9 million fund will help students in financial difficulty since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic who are unable to cover housing costs or costs. tuition fees, reports

“Students eligible for the Pell Scholarship will receive $ 2,500; students who are not eligible for Pell will receive $ 1,000. Pell scholarships are awarded to students with “exceptional financial need”. Almost half of Delaware State University students meet the Pell Grant eligibility criteria, ” reads the university press release.

Delaware State University President Tony Allen said the university has been successful in meeting the needs of students because it has the strong support of its partners, through the support of alumni as well as to the plea of ​​the delegation of the University Congress.

Vice-president of strategic enrollment management Antonio Boyle said the university expects students and their parents to understand the importance of the second round of funding.

“This funding enables students to meet a range of educational needs, the most important of which is the ability to write off thousands of dollars in debt with the click of a button. Boyle said.

Last year, between March and June, Del State raised more than $ 1.6 million in private funding for a university-sponsored student emergency fund. Students who had to leave campus unexpectedly were supported under the fund.

At the time, the university had allocated $ 200,000 worth of laptops, tablets, and portable Wi-Fi devices to those who needed devices and connectivity while continuing their education and working in distance.

This year, DSU became the historically black college for the first nation and provided a total of $ 735,000 to eliminate the debts of 225 postgraduate graduates. Overall, Delaware State University has spent about $ 8.5 million supporting students amid the pandemic. After the investment, President Allen said “We haven’t finished yet.

Allen said the university will reassess student debt needs and ensure students understand the importance of debt management to being successful and achieving their dreams.

In the past year, Dallas College forgave student debt that was owed to the institution for a total of 14,000 students using the federal government’s College Emergency Fund.

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