Garrett Dennis’ bank accounts seized after a company defaults

Jacksonville City Council member candidate for State House faces a the court ordered garnishment after a court ruling last month.

Democrat Garrett dennis, which represents the City Council of District 9, was the subject of a garnishment of $ 37,500 by the Edward Don Company.

Shifting Gears LLC, a company controlled by Dennis, applied for a credit of more than $ 40,000 from Edward Don Company, an Illinois kitchen equipment company, in 2017 and received delivery of various goods, but it did not pay to the satisfaction of the plaintiff, which led the company to file its case with the 4th judicial circuit earlier in 2021.

The garnishment appears to have come almost entirely from Dennis’ Shifting Gears account with the local VyStar Credit Union.

This checking account had $ 74,875 available in November. Dennis and his family had a number of personal accounts with just over $ 37 between them at the same financial institution.

Dennis said the economic disruption created by the coronavirus was the root of the problems, as his construction company was involved in a number of kitchen builds when changes came due in 2020.

“Our business just collapsed during COVID,” Dennis explained, saying the “construction industry has shut down” more generally.

“Everyone was scrambling, we got caught,” Dennis added, noting that he personally guaranteed the loan.

“We are paying our debts,” he added, saying the case is resolved and there are no further judgments lurking.

Dennis is in his second and final term on Jacksonville City Council. He has already applied to succeed Rep. Tracie davis in House District 13. Davis is a candidate for the Senate.

In his first month as a candidate for Florida House, Dennis raised over $ 40,000 between his campaign and his political committee. Donors often associated with Republican candidates, such as the ambassador John rood and the Vestcor companies, were among Dennis’ early supporters.

However, changes are coming to House Districts which would affect Dennis’ candidacy.

Dennis is in House District 12 in both maps proposed for consideration, a district that could stretch over the Saint John River and that would be inhospitable to a Democrat in a general election.

Rep. current Wyman duggan, which represents Jacksonville’s Westside, would be drawn to the same neighborhood, further complicating Dennis’ path, assuming he doesn’t move to the remapped HD 13.

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