Ellesmere Port “Scary” Man’s Sexual Discussions with “12-Year-Old Girl”


A “CREEPY, Dirty” sex offender from Ellesmere Port believed he was chatting online with a 12-year-old girl – but he was actually a National Crime Agency agent in disguise.

Steven Moore, 51, of Lamprey Road, claimed to be a 19-year-old bisexual using the Kik Messenger chat and asked “Jess” about his Dirty Roulette sexual history.

When police visited her home in January 2020, they confiscated a Huawei cell phone and found an indecent 58-second video of an underage girl in the shower.

Judge Patrick Thompson, who sentenced Moore to Chester Crown Court on Thursday, April 8, said he “deserved” to go to jail, but gave him a suspended sentence after hearing about the success rate sex offender treatment programs and Moore’s jail time. would mean that his nine-month-pregnant wife would be unable to pay the mortgage and would therefore be homeless.

But Judge Thompson also slammed the charge for charging Moore with “sexual communication with a child,” carrying a maximum penalty of two years in prison, rather than a more serious charge carrying a penalty of longer prison.

He said: “The powers of the courts are limited; judges do not choose charges. I have said it in other cases and the public then complains about the penalties.

“It happens over and over again. I have told other judges of this court about it and we are frustrated – our powers are extremely limited.”

Continuing, Ryan Rothwell said Moore pleaded guilty to both counts.

It was August 2019 when Moore, using the online alias Daveixxx, used Kik Messenger and contacted ‘Jess’, appearing to be a 12-year-old girl but actually an NCA agent catching pedophiles.

Moore said he was 19, “bisexual and bored,” when he was 49 at the time.

They spoke about where they lived and Moore said he was invited by a man to a “SPH” – or “small penis humiliation” chat room.

When ‘Jess’ said she had her fingernails painted, he asked for a photo, adding: “Please baby”.

After receiving a photo which also showed a girl’s legs, he replied, “Your legs are beautiful too.”

He asked “Jess” for a photo of her belly and at one point he texted, “Is it really bad that I am feeling mean?” ”

He then wrote: “You’re not going to tell your friends that you talked to a 19 year old, are you?

Moore then asked the girl to call him by a name such as “sir” or “daddy,” adding, “Ok baby, are you ready to do what your mister says? ”

He asked her about her bra size and, after receiving a measurement, replied: “So small: P”

Moore asked if the girl had touched herself and inquired about the sexual activities she had had with her ex-partner.

Moore’s IP address was traced back to his home and police intervened in January 2020 at 6:45 a.m., seizing his cell phone, for which Moore refused to give out the PIN.

After unlocking it, one of the search terms Moore used was “minor.”

The accused had no previous convictions.

In defense, Howard Jones said a pre-sentence report and character references had been submitted, and Moore would still plead guilty, and that the offenses dated back “some time.”

Judge Thompson noted that the police already had evidence of Kik Messenger, but it took several more months before Moore was charged and the case could have gone to court “much sooner.”

Mr Jones said Moore took the Lucy Faithfull Course for People Who Offended Online, doing something to remedy her behavior.

The lawyer also obtained a document on the day of the accused’s conviction, in which Moore admitted he had an unhealthy sexual interest in children.

The original PSR was of concern as it had suggested that Moore had committed the offenses because he was “stressed and overwhelmed with work”.

Justice Thompson remarked, “I am not a psychiatrist, but people, when stressed, do not go on the Internet to talk to children about sexual matters.

He added, “I don’t even know what Kik Messenger is other than dealing with cases like this. Men in their 50s shouldn’t be engaging in those kinds of conversations there. ”

Mr Jones added that if Moore went to jail his nine-month-pregnant wife would be left homeless.

Upon sentencing, Judge Thompson said: “You said you were bisexual and bored – the truth is you are getting ready. You came out as a creepy dirty old man.

“You blame it on stress in your job; I don’t accept it. I think you have an unhealthy sexual interest in children. If you didn’t accept it today, you would go to jail.”

Moore was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years. He had to complete 20 days of a rehab activity required to include the Maps for Change course.

He also has to do 200 hours of unpaid work, has been on the Sex Offender Register for 10 years and has a 10-year Sexual Injury Prevention Order.

The Huawei phone was to be confiscated.

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