Debt-ridden sales manager stabs owner 91 times; In custody | Bangalore News

Bengaluru: A 29-year-old private company sales manager who had lost hundreds of thousands of rupees on the stock market has been arrested for the alleged murder of his 75-year-old landlady. Her post-mortem report revealed that she had been stabbed 91 times.
CK Achchukattu police arrested Jaikishan BS Saturday for the murder of Yashodamma 2nd of July.

Jaikishan lived on the second floor of the residential building owned by Yashodamma’s son, Raju, in Vinayakanagar, Banashankari I Stage.
According to the police, Jaikishan, who holds a business degree, had tried to make money on the stock market and invested in online trading platforms. Having lost hundreds of thousands of rupees, he was forced to borrow over 12 million rupees from his friends and acquaintances. “He was in a financial crisis as many of them had started demanding their money back. He had even borrowed a little over Rs 50,000 from Yashodamma. He knew she had a gold chain and four bracelets and hatched the murder plan to steal them,” a police officer said.
Yashodamma lived alone in an adjoining single room with a parking space on the ground floor. Raju lives with his wife and children in a separate house at Banashankari III Stage. “Jaikishan entered Yashodamma’s room early in the morning of July 2 and stabbed her to death. There were 91 stab wounds to his body,” the officer added.
More than 100 people interviewed
Raju learned of the attack on his mother at 9:30 a.m. on July 2. “Jaikishan had called him and informed him,” police said. Raju then rushed to the scene and found his mother lying unconscious in a pool of blood. At that time, Jaikishan called for an ambulance, which arrived. They rushed Yashodamma to a nearby hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead.
Deputy Police Commissioner (South) P Krishnakath formed a task force led by police inspectors Jandrdhan PR and Rakchith AKwho interviewed more than 100 suspects.
Police initially did not suspect Jaikishan as he was seen with the family of the deceased and was even in contact with some staff. He had claimed to have health problems. He was, however, later interrogated for details of when he last saw Yashodamma, among other things. His answers differed from the details he gave shortly after the murder came to light. This prompted the police to keep him under observation, leading them to reports that he had recently promised gold.
Another investigation confirmed that the gold belonged to Yashodamma.

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