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Kunming, May 21 The 21st day, during the launching ceremony of the cultural exchange events – Sri Lanka of 2022 “Beautiful China, colorful Yunnan” and International Tea Day activities held in Kunming, Yunnan province. Tea companies from China and Sri Lanka signed the agreements of intent to cooperate in the form of “cloud contracts”. The two sides plan to join hands to expand the Silk Road friendship, share business opportunities and seek common development.

Tea is an ancient medium of cultural exchange between China and Sri Lanka, and it has also witnessed the deep friendship and close relations between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic ties 65 years ago. More than 600 years ago, Zheng He, a native of Yunnan Province, led seven fleet voyages to the “Western Seas” to promote economic, trade and cultural exchanges through the Maritime Silk Road. Today, Zheng He Temple (Sam Poh Kong Temple), Zheng He Bridge and Zheng He Monument in Sri Lanka still “tell” this part of the story. On the same day, Yunnan Changninghong Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. agreement of intent to cooperate with RGC ENTERPRISES of Sri Lanka. Both sides are on the verge of using tea as a bond to pave the way for common development and win-win cooperation.

The photo shows the introduction of Changning black tea.

According to the introduction of Changning CPC County Committee Secretary and Changning County Head Yang Binbin, Changning black tea, with its outstanding sweet and fragrant aroma, is a calling card of Yunnan. In 1987, Nataniel, a world bank expert from Sri Lanka, traveled a long distance to Changning to visit tea gardens and formed a deep friendship with the people of Changning. In 2021, Changning’s black tea production reached 14,900 tons. The products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, with a total export volume of 1,290 tons. “Changning Black Tea is Yunnan’s wonderful gift to the world,” said Yang Binbin. Dharmasena, President of Sri Lanka RGC ENTERPRISES, said tea originated in China and Sri Lanka also has a long history of tea cultivation. “I hope that through cooperation with Chinese tea enterprises, the tea industry of both sides will be taken to a higher level,” Dharmasena said.

On this day, the launching ceremony of the cultural exchange events – Sri Lanka of 2022 “Beautiful China, Colorful Yunnan” and International Tea Day activities are held in Kunming, China, Colombo, Sri Lanka , Islamabad, Pakistan, New Delhi, India, and Kathmandu, Nepal both online and offline. These activities are sponsored by the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and last for 70 days.

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