4 stocks that each gained more than 3.9% on Friday

These 4 stocks had a better day on Friday than the S&P 500 which rose a decent and respectable 3.06%. Each even outperformed the tech-heavy NASDAQ-100, which rallied 3.49% higher.

Added appeal: These are all stocks with lower price-earnings ratios than the market as a whole (19).

Axis Capital Holdings

gained 4.68% on Friday and is not that far off its late March high of 61.

The Bermuda-based property and casualty insurance company trades with a price-earnings ratio of just 8.03 and just above its book value. Axis is offering investors a dividend of 2.98%. It is lightly traded for a stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange with an average daily volume of 591,000 shares.

Globe Life

Friday had a 4.63% increase.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger like the stock enough to make it a 6.41% share of their Berkshire Hathaway
wallet. Noted hedge fund managers Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones also own shares of Globe Life. The life insurance stock pays a dividend of 0.84% ​​and now trades with a price-earnings ratio of 13.86.

Prestigious consumer healthcare gained 3.94% on Friday and hit a 3-month high.

The Lynchburg, Va.-based medical distribution company reported earnings per share up 24.10% this year. For the last 5 years, the EPS growth rate is 25.40%. There is more long-term debt than equity. Prestige’s price-to-earnings ratio is 14.58 and it trades at 1.88 times its book value. The average daily volume is very low for a stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange at just 266,000 shares.

Sanmina Corp. Friday rose in value by 4.36%.

The publicly traded electronics component company looks a bit like it could be considered a value stock with that low price-earnings ratio of 9.86 and trading at just 1.45 times the pound. This year, earnings have increased by 103% and the EPS gain over the last 5 years is 11%. Long-term debt is significantly exceeded by equity. The average daily volume of 470,000 shares is relatively light for a tech stock.

What goes up on Friday does not necessarily go up on Monday or next week or next year.

Interest rates are expected to rise as authorities seek to fight inflation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and continues to affect oil and food prices.

As the markets head towards the end of the 2nd quarter, it is likely that fund managers will make portfolio adjustments.

This is a mix of factors and the level of uncertainty may be higher than usual. In the meantime, it’s good to watch the price charts of stocks that are outperforming the stock market even though there’s no guarantee they can continue to do so.

No investment advice. For educational purposes only.

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