Snapchat Nudes – Is It Too Expensive?

The Snapchat app

The Snapchat app

Snapchat is a new app that have literally exploded onto the scene in a few short weeks, and it’s already earning attention from the media and celebrities alike. With multiple celebrities having signed up, many are wondering if this could be the next big thing – or if it will fade away after a few months.

The app is the latest in a number of innovations designed to change the way people communicate with each other – and the industry is already experiencing a change in mentality. Consumers have become more skeptical of buying into a new “must have” new smartphone on the first day it hits the market. This seems to be especially true for companies looking to succeed with their latest gimmick.

One thing is for sure though – Snapchat is here to stay. And this shows no signs of changing, as users continue to discover this latest tech innovation.

But why are so many men and women showing off their new found “nudes”? This is where Snapchat’s limitations come into play and could be the reason why so many people are flocking to it…

Biggest problems with Snapchat

Biggest problems with Snapchat

One of the biggest problems with Snapchat is the fact that you can’t actually share your nudes with others. So, while it’s fun to browse through pictures sent to you by other users, you can’t actually send them yourself.

And, since you can’t send them, you can’t tell others about your “nudes”. This means that users have to create stories about their “nudes” in order to get them seen by others.

Stories allow people to share their photos with others, which then allow others to view them and get a sneak peek. This is how Snapchat is able to grow its membership by hundreds of thousands of users every day.

Snapchat limited versions

Snapchat limited versions

There are, however, some flaws in Snapchat’s system that could limit the amount of users on the platform. Snapchat has limited versions of some of the features it’s currently offering, and these limits could prevent certain people from using the platform.

For example, Snap Inc. only allows 10 seconds of time limit to view a story. Since images are a part of these stories, this means that users would need to upload a huge amount of photos to get a “story” seen by anyone.

Additionally, Snapchat doesn’t allow everyone to post images at once, making it impossible for people to get a hold of all of their friends’ snaps. Users must first wait for their friends to send their snaps before they can upload their own snaps.

Snapchat isn’t quite as open as some of the other apps on the market – but is still a little bit limited in terms of what you can do. For example, the videos are limited to a certain length (around two minutes), meaning that you’d have to wait a long time for a full length video to be uploaded onto the site.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Snapchat is doomed – but rather that it faces challenges like any other new app out there. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it can’t win over users!

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